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The Nanocheeze App

The Nanocheeze App is our portal into the MEQUAVIS, it is the engine behind the AVISC which provides access to a plethora of cloud based computing solutions, and it provides a start menu for your virtual machine(s). Something you previously didn’t even think you needed because you didn’t know about it. Basically we are promoting a concept called Gridware and will be launching apps through VirtualBox in a special seamless mode through virtual machines which are running on their own vpn system creating their own virtual internet separate from ours for the MEQUAVIS to operate simulations with.

Nanocheeze App:

1)MEQUAVIS (GUI Access portal for the Multiverse Emulation of Quantum Universes using Abstract Virtualized Iterated Simulations).

2)AVISC (Distributed computing augmentation, jppf, ethereum, boinc, etc… Abstract Virtual Internet Super Computer) .

3)Virtual Start Menu (GridWare - boot apps natively or in seamless mode VirtualBoxes - freeware that operates on the principle of supplying CPU power).

| AI Power Scaling | Hiding From AI | Omniverse Explanation | The MEQUAVIS |


Virtual Containment For AI Systems

An Encapsulation Layer For Reality vs Virtual Reality.

Designed to become a Quantum Firewall that implements an AI Defense System.

Live bridging of contained AI systems into real world applications and robotics.

Non bridged and fully contained testing and training and certification for neural net systems (AI).

Nanocheeze MEQUAVIS

### Virtual Start Menu (GridWare)

- Emergent Reality
- Retro-Causality

1. Abstraction
2. Iteration

**Past** and _Present_ and `Future` timelines using ordered omniverses and multiverses of universe simulations

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